Salt To The Sea | Ruta Sepetys

Soms komt de inspiratie om een bepaald boek uit een lijst. Ik werd via facebook getagged in een link naar de beste boeken van 2016 en Salt To The Sea was het beste YA boek volgens deze lijst. Ik bestelde het boek, liet het een tijdje op mijn TBR plank staan en toen ik hem […]

6x what I love about reading

Oh how I love reading.. I wish I didn’t have to eat, sleep or work in life so I could read all the books in the world. But unfortunately.. that privilege is not for me. But why would you want to that you ask? Well because of these 6 reasons:

The Sun Is Also A Star – review

I love YA books. I like the teenage love stories if they’re not too cliché and the almost always perfect ending. Sometimes it’s nice to read something that’s not too hard to get through and that’s not filled with complicated magical creatures (which I also like now and then) and rules and all kinds of […]

Get To Know Me Tag

Hi! Welcome to my first article and thank you so much for ending up on this blog, haha. On my bookstagram you only see pics of books and sometimes I tell a little bit about myself. But I wanted you guys to know more about me, who I am and what I like and who […]